There are thousands of us stuck in insurance and EQC limbo, 7 years after the 2011 February 22 earthquake. The EQ was a disaster in itself however the aftermath has for a lot of us, been even more damaging disaster - and it continues, #7YearsOn


We are using letterboxes to illustrate the number of people stuck, the number of people supporting us to get resolution and that this is about our homes. Many of us keep waiting for news via our letterboxes - computer inboxes or letterboxes at the front fence.


We are asking people to take a photo of themselves beside their letterbox, and uploading it directly to this Facebook page or via our website.  We’d love to see your face next to your letterbox if you’re ok with that. There are faces behind all our letterboxes, as we wait for news about progress of our claims.

When you upload your pic, we would like to know if you are someone in EQC or Insurance limbo or are supporting those of us who are. We need your support! Just write that in the comment on the FB page when you have uploaded it. Thanking you in advance. And hashtag your post #7YearsOn

So many people think Christchurch “is sorted” or well on the way to being sorted however we beg to differ. Sure, things are being rebuilt, people are moving on but there are still so many who are stuck with no control over their lives at all.